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8 Tips to Get Top Value in Your Home Appraisal

One of the major first steps for selling your home is getting a home appraisal. When you get an appraisal, a home appraiser will come to your house to take pictures, measurements and collect information about the inside and outside of the house. Before the appraiser comes, you must make sure your house is in amazing shape. The better condition your house is in, the more money you’ll be able to get for your house. That’s the goal right? Follow these tips to put your house in tip top shape, make the appraisal process easier, and net you the most money!

Get the appraisal done early

Plain and simple, the sooner you get something done, the less time you have to worry about it. This includes home appraisals. Keep in mind, don’t get it done so quickly that you can’t get everything showroom ready before your appointment. Give yourself time to clean and prepare your house. But don’t delay the appraisal, because it is difficult to keep that showroom shine for a long period of time.

Clean everything.

The meeting with the appraiser is like a job interview. You get one chance to impress, so make it count. Look at everything with a critical eye that you may overlook or have gotten used to. Go room by room making sure everything is clean. Combing through your house with a critical eye is, well, critical.

Scrub the baseboards. Fix the loose banister. Clean around door knobs and drawer pulls. Shampoo the carpets. Touch up chipped paint. Power wash the sidewalk, patio and siding. If it can be cleaned, clean it.


Along with the inside of the house, the property needs to be taken care of too. A couple days before the appraiser comes, make sure to mow the lawn, trim the edges, weed the garden, and trim any trees. If need be, plant some new plants in the garden to fill any empty spaces. If the appraiser sees you take care of the exterior, it indicates a clean and orderly interior. This can help your case as soon as he or she arrives, and is an important factor that you should not overlook.

Prepare your house’s history

To make the appraisal go more smoothly, have the list or packet of your home’s history. This includes previous sale prices, information about the neighborhood, any upgrades or features you’ve added since you moved in, and any other information that is relevant to your home’s value. If all of these documents are in one place, the appraiser can study the information faster.

Small upgrades pay off

Details of the house can make or break a sale. Consider upgrading drawer pulls and door knobs to a more modern or trendy style. New light fixtures can also add to your personal style and the uniformity of the house. In addition, install new energy efficient light bulbs. Upgrades that are trendy and save people money are always in demand.

Everything must work

This should go without saying, but it bears mentioning. Everything in the house should work as expected and also look good. If a door sticks in the jamb, a switch is wired upside down, an outlet plate is cracked, or a window won’t stay up, fix them before the appraiser comes. Little things add up quickly in an appraisal and devalue your house. If, for example, the cost of fixing these costs $700, they are saving you potentially thousands of dollars on your asking price.

Have your real estate agent attend the appraisal

Your real estate agent is a professional with a lot of expertise in valuing and selling homes. They represent you in the home buying process. Having him or her at the appraisal can give you an edge. Your agent can provide useful information that the appraiser may not be aware of, including knowledge of the neighborhood, schools, and other home sales in the area. The appraiser will also appreciate the help.

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  • I love that you talked about small upgrades and how they can help make or break a sale since they add to the style. My husband and I are looking to get our house appraised since we are looking to sell and have no idea how much it is worth. We will keep these tips in mind and get a professional that can help us with the actual appraisal itself.

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