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Top 8 Best Things About Meridian, Idaho

The city of Meridian, Idaho has grown from a small suburb of Boise to a bustling city in its own right. Why are people moving to Meridian? Here are the top 8 reasons why.


Meridian contains more than 20 parks and mini parks throughout the city. Meridian and the rest of the cities in the Treasure Valley meticulously plan green spaces throughout communities to allow everyone access to common areas to play and relax. Access to parks helps everyone stay active and take pride in their community.

Access to anywhere by car

Meridian is crisscrossed by many major thoroughfare roads, allowing for easy travel through town and to other cities in the Treasure Valley. Roads such as Eagle Road, Fairview Avenue, Overland Road, and Chinden Boulevard/Highway 20/26 extend from Boise, through Meridian, Eagle, Nampa, and out to Caldwell. You can drive through the whole Boise Metro Area on these roads.


As we said earlier, Meridian is now its own small city. With people and growth comes new and exciting restaurant opportunities. The Village at Meridian alone contains 15 amazing local and chain restaurants to try a variety of food options. As for the rest of the city, if you can think of it, there is a restaurant that serves it. A small selection of choices includes numerous pizza places, Basque Food, Asian fare from Vietnam, China, and Japan, as well as lots of BBQ and burger choices.


In addition to food choices, Meridian offers plenty of areas to shop ‘til you drop. The Village offers 29 places to shop for apparel, home goods, and jewelry. Along Eagle Road and Overland Road, there are numerous mini malls to stop in and browse around. Just like the food, there are plenty of choices for whatever you are looking for!


Housing in Meridian—like Boise—is cheaper than many parts of the country. You dollar goes farther here and homebuyers have many options to choose from. There are many established communities and neighborhoods that offer living close to the city center. New neighborhoods are being built every year, allowing homebuyers to buy brand new homes or build custom homes on lots. There is also a range of homes from 2 or 3 bedroom starter homes to million-dollar custom homes on large lots away from the main area of town. Talk to an agent today to learn about your price point and desired features.

Steady job growth

As Meridian continues to grow, more businesses start and grow as well. Meridian is famous for being the headquarters site of Scentsy. The West Ada school district is Meridian’s largest employer (more on that later). The Village created over 20,700 jobs and plans to add more. These growing companies, plus many smaller and developing ones, combined with a very low unemployment rate (2.9% as of July 2019), create a vibrant and thriving business community.


Idaho has some of the lowest crime statistics in the country. Meridian continues that trend with some of the lowest crime rates in the state 16 per 1,000 people. Violent crime is even lower with a rate of 1.49 per 671 people (0.002%)


The West Ada School District is the largest school district in the State of Idaho. It encompasses Meridian, Eagle, Star, Kuna and Western Boise. The district serves more than 35,000 students and employs more than 3,100 people. Meridian schools are among the best in the state, and parents are spoiled for choice. Meridian alone has 20 public schools and a handful of private and charter schools, so parents can search for homes near schools they want their children to attend. As for higher education, Boise State University is the largest university in Idaho and is a short drive down Interstate 84. In addition, Idaho State University, based in Pocatello, has opened a branch campus in Meridian with plans to expand the campus there. The branch campus is an extension of the medical school (the only one in the state) and works closely with area hospitals and clinics to train students.

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