Boise Bench Real Estate

    In the early days, Boise had a very low population; this was because it was a desert with no water. That’s difficult to visualize today, since the 1800s a steady supply of water from the Ridenbaugh Canal has turned the city into a bustling metropolis and an agricultural hub. Orchard Street signifies the transformation from dry sagebrush into an agrarian landscape of farms, orchards, dairies, and homesteads. The dreams to a potential farmer can be realized as hundreds of thousands of acres have been reclaimed and are now capable of producing a variety of crops such as apples, cherries, prunes asparagus, hay, and of course our famous Idaho potatoes… some of which are shipped overseas.

    Life on the Boise Bench is characterized by a majestic landscape, unparalleled beauty, and temperate weather. Investors and tourists alike are treated to attractions such as the Old Idaho State Penitentiary and the Julia Davis Park. Furthermore, the Boise Main Line runs along the river; a spectacle to behold. Designed by New York architects, the iconic Boise Depot has a splendid panoramic view that overlooks the city.

    In the same way, it is not uncommon for residents to leave their doors unlocked. The Bench has below average rates of both violent and property crime. For this reason, many people experience the comfort of walking at night. This cosmopolitan destination is a feast for the senses. With its breathtaking combination of sight and sound, it is home to a vibrant diversity of cultures. Additionally, this city caters to discerning tourists looking for rest and tranquility. It offers a wide variety of cuisines including the traditional Elmer’s or Luciano’s Italian Restaurant, as well as numerous other unique locations which provide supreme comfort and service for a memorable night out.