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Boise West-Garden City Real Estate

Garden City is located along the Boise River. In the early days, spring floods were common, and this led to the growth of trees such as the black cottonwood. This earned the area the name ‘Boise’ meaning woody or wooded, which prompted the “City of Trees” moniker. This also promoted sightseeing activity among American Indian tribes to observe the annual salmon migrations. To this day, the Boise ‘greenbelt’ attracts bikers, walkers, lovers, and leisure seekers due to its stunning beauty and temperate weather.

Garden City is rich in natural resources such as gold and water, which historically attracted prospectors, farmers, and miners who led to a population growth in the area. Today, running the length of the city is Chinden Road, an amalgamation of two words, ‘China’ and ‘Garden’, a result of Chinese immigrants who were mostly farmers. The Chinese community contributed a lot to the heritage of the City.

The city’s economy is a blend of agriculture, owing to the availability of fertile land and access to water, and high-tech industries such as Hewlett Packard and Micron. As a result, its unemployment rate is rated quite low at 3.3%, which is the first indicator of low crime. Therefore, the Boise ‘greenbelt’ boasts a multi-cultural eclectic ambiance, which has been present from its inception. It is home to beautiful hotels such as the Cotton Wood and Spring Hill Suites. This area has access to all the amenities a person needs.