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South Boise Real Estate

South Boise has experienced dynamic growth in recent years both in development and population. Notably, it consists of the South Eastern and South Western parts. South West Boise had been sparsely populated for many years to prevent urban sprawl. However, upon the lifting of the policy, the area has since experienced new homes and neighborhoods. It lies near Interstate 84 and the airport, and Boise Bench area.

Due to the availability of land in this location, many homes are located on larger plots that range anywhere from 1 to 5 acres. This can allow one to own livestock such as horses, thus blending the urban environment with a rural feel. This area is home to the Boise airport and Headquarters of the Idaho National Guard. Pet owners easily access the Idaho Humane Society for veterinary services. In the same way, its South Eastern counterpart spans from Boise State University to Micron Technology. Since it is situated at the interstate 84 and Idaho 21, its location favors investors as this is the major route to get anywhere in Boise. It is home to the Simplot Sports Complex, which holds a baseball field and swimming amenities.

South Boise boasts easy access to the Boise Green Belt; thus, one can keep fit walking, running or biking along the Boise River. Its multicultural nature ensures everyone feels at home. With a low cost of living, low crime rate, high employment rate, many industries, comfortable hotels, and a temperate weather, it seems there is something for everyone looking for property. It doesn’t matter if you want to buy a home for yourself or your business.