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Sell Your Home for Top Dollar

When you decide to sell your home, you want to ensure you get the most money possible out of the sale. The hardwood floors and bathroom upgrades were an investment that you expect to pay dividends down the road. Selling your house is when those upgrades pay off. Now is the time to showcase everything your home has to offer. Follow these proven tips for selling your home for top dollar.

Presentation is Everything

Start by maximizing curb appeal. First impressions matter and the exterior of the house is the first thing prospective buyers will see. Power wash the exterior of the house, sidewalk, and driveway. Clean gutters, screens and window corners. Brighten up gardens and fill empty spaces with new flowers and plants. A clean exterior is indicative of a well-kept interior.

It goes without saying, but it bears mentioning: in addition to the exterior of your home, clean the inside. Clean everything. Dust the top of the cabinets, scrub around door handles and drawer pulls, clean the baseboards. Every surface in your home needs to be clean. Make every side of your house its good side!

Selling your home in “as is” condition is leaving money on the table. Fix any deferred maintenance such as dents in the drywall, a bad window seal, or leaky faucets. Things you’ve gotten used to living with will most likely be negatives to the buyer and devalue your home. Make small upgrades such as LED lighting, or drawer and cabinet pulls to give your home a modern style.

It is a well-known fact that the kitchen sells the house. It’s one of the most important features of the house. Make sure it is clean, organized, and inviting.

Declutter, depersonalize, and brighten every room. Reduce the amount of stuff in your closets by a third to give the appearance of more storage space. Take pictures and art off the fridge, reduce family photos on the walls, and stow bills and miscellaneous papers. Potential buyers don’t want to see your life in the house. They are trying to envision their life in it. When showing the house, open the blinds or curtains on every window and turn on all the lights. The brighter the house, the more inviting it looks.

Pro Tip: Home staging can improve tour sale price by an average of 6%, and you could sell up to 50% faster. (Home Staging Resource)

Are your pictures worth sharing?

The true first impression of your house is online, so stunning photography and impressive digital collateral is a must. Buyers spend as much as 60% of their time looking at listing photos to decide if they want to view the house in person. (Wall Street Journal)

Professional photography can sell your home 39% closer to the original listing price and will drive more traffic to your listing. (IMOTO Photo)

Sunrise/sunset exterior photos add more color ad make a more dramatic impression.

Pro Tip: Listings with professional photographs get 61% more views (Redfin) and sell 32% faster. (PR Newswire)

Gain a new perspective with aerial photography

Real estate is all about location. Aerial photography is an amazing way to display this. This new perspective allows buyers to learn about the neighborhood and surrounding area before they view the property

Unfamiliar and out-of-state buyers appreciate being able to see more of a community they know nothing about.

When selling a property with a lot of acreage or a plot of undeveloped land, aerial photographs are even more important. They give buyers and developers the ability to see everything the property has to offer. A well-informed buyer is a confident buyer.

Unleash your competitive advantage with video

Homes listed with videos get four times the inquiries compared to homes without videos. Videos are the proven way to bring home features to life and explain them in detail. In one eye mapping study, video results commanded more attention than listings without videos. (Virtuet)

58% of buyers want and expect to see video of the home they are looking at online. In addition, 86% of buyers are also looking for community tours to learn about the area the house is in.

Get an early walkthrough with VR tours

Today’s interior mapping technology makes it effortless to view the interior of a house without having to visit in person. New cameras and software allow for smooth transitions from room to room and even 3D models of the house.

In fact, listing with virtual tours had 5-10 times more engagement than those without.

This technology is so effective, 54% of buyers will not look at a property unless it has a virtual tour. (Montreal360)

Win using the psychology of pricing

According to Inman and HGTV, attractive pricing and packaging are the two most basic essentials of selling your home. Nobody will buy your house if it is vastly overpriced. In addition, nobody will buy your house if it doesn’t look attractive. As a seller, you must win in both of these areas to sell your home in a timely manner and for a fair price that also nets you the most money.

Pricing your property correctly the first time is proven to bring an overall higher price. ( When a home is priced fairly based on location, amenities, city, state, and lot size (among all of the other factors), people are more willing to pay for it. In fact, fairly priced homes attract more buyers and can lead to a bidding war, which will net the seller more money.

According to Keeping Current Matters, homes listed for sale with a real estate agent sell for $46,000 more than homes listed For Sale By Owner. Consult your real estate agent and your home appraiser to determine the best price point for your home. These individuals have the knowledge and insight to determine your home’s value.

Your marketing plan should include a pricing strategy before it develops a social stigma that causes buyers to question  “What is wrong with that home?” The proper price will help sell the property quickly before price adjustments are necessary.

What Full Sail Real Estate and Build Idaho offer you

Full Sail Real Estate is one of the top-performing real estate companies in Southern Idaho, and our team consists of some of the top realtors in the state. We pride ourselves on our impeccable communication with our clients, and have proven methods of outreach and client services to sell your home quickly for the most money and getting you the best deal on your new home. Contact our agents to start your home buying or selling journey today.

In 2019, Full Sail partnered with, Idaho’s ultimate home search and real estate marketing website. Build Idaho has all of the details about new homes for sale, community tours, photography, videography, and builder information. Build Idaho’s expert marketing team has the latest technology and techniques for pictures, video, and online and print marketing to make your home look its best.

Our marketing tools

Aerial Photos and Video: We include rooftop flyovers, 360° neighborhood pictures, and multi-angle views of the property to give you the ultimate perspective of the property.

Professional Photography: Wide angle shots give you the best view of each room. All editing and processing is done in-house with the latest Adobe technology to save time and show off every feature of the house.

Home and Community Tour Videos: Listings with video receive much more traffic and engagement. The Build Idaho YouTube channel has over 500K views and 900 videos—and counting!

360° Home Tours: Stunning HDR photos rendered into a true-to-scale home tour with the latest imaging technology. The model allows you to navigate through the house as if you were really there!

Individual attention: Your property will get its own web page with a location map, MLS listing information, professional photos, and can include videos and 3D virtual tour.